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Laslett England specialize in high-end, hand-finished printed scarves and pocket squares which appeal to men and women. Melanie Laslett originates all the designs which are then individually engineered into the canvas of a scarf or pocket square and printed onto silks, wools and other natural fabrics, all hand finished by specialists here in the UK.

Following a career in fashion Melanie combines her love of printed textiles with a fascination of how someone’s dress reflects their personality. Scarves and Pocket Squares have the ability to add individuality to a person’s outfit which is why style ultimately wins over fashion. Laslett England scarves and pocket squares are designed to have an enduring appeal and quality. Each print is a unique design inspired by combinations of art, nature, science or found objects, with a subtle reference to vintage - 'A Modern take on Britishness'.

The business focus is selling direct to consumers through Laslett England’s on-line shop and to top-end retailers such as Bloomingdales in the USA.

“I want to create a unique design that becomes an element of your personal style and has a lasting and collectable appeal.”

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Everything is 100% designed and made in the UK. The benefit from making in the UK is the knowledge, skill and professionalism of the manufacturers and the key relationships that we've built. Laslett England have a long-standing relationship with R A Smart in Macclesfield, Mustard Ties in Rochester plus a local sewing workshop in East Sussex.


Where it is humanly possible to find it, each component is sourced from the UK; everything from the garment sew-in label to the presentation box given to each customer with every order.

10 Woods Passage
East Sussex
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United Kingdom