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Padfield England


PADFIELD crafts the finest leather handbags and accessories in England from British leather. Join the PADFIELD family and help us celebrate and support British craftsmanship and local businesses.

At Padfield we are committed to keeping our rich heritage of British leather tanning and craftsmanship alive. Why is this important to us?

With the majority of British brands choosing to source their leather and make abroad, our leather industry is declining. The United Kingdom once had over 4,000 tanneries and now there are just 23 remaining (Drapers, 2015). A significant decline considering the UK and global market for leather accessories is growing. We also feel strongly about being authentic. Not just calling ourselves Padfield England but by crafting all of our leather accessories from start-to-finish at home in England.

With ethical and environmental sustainability a major factor in our decision making, Padfield has partnered with a British tannery to source and tan our leather. Sourcing and making locally also means we can be sure of fair UK wages and quality working environments, whilst keeping our carbon footprint low. We also believe in using NO PLASTIC. To eliminate plastic and throwaway packaging, Padfield accessories are packaged in our made in England recyclable gift boxes. We hope that you will choose to keep your box, to store your Padfield when not in use, or to store other precious possessions.

Dividing our time between London and the English countryside, we design our accessories to be thoughtful solutions for busy modern lives.

Our customers describe Padfield best:

"Elegant, functional and British made. I love my Padfield!"
Emily, Asset Manager, London UK
"I have just returned from my holiday and absolutely love my laptop case"
Lorraine, Nurse Specialist, Bucks UK
"The leather, the color, the design, and the packaging are just incredibly top class."
Michael, Securities, Boston USA
London design, British leather, Made in England.

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All Padfield leather handbags and accessories are handcrafted in England, UK.


Padfield only works with the finest metal zippers, the Excella range from YKK; as there are no UK manufacturers we source our zippers from YKK Europe.


Padfield England
United Kingdom