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About Us:
Maquien is an independent British company in the East Riding of Yorkshire, founded by
Vonny Law, which brings you outstanding stylish and practical garments for a variety of
occasions in the city or countryside. Maquien, inspired on a river bank in Scotland, was
designed to give people a unique clothing style and an outstanding personal service.

At Maquien we are passionate about our collection of superbly tailored and stylish garments,
and hope that you will enjoy browsing our designs. We skilfully manufacture in England, and
our cloths, wools and cashmere are all woven in the UK. We provide surprising quirks, which
will delight and enchant you, in trimmings and smart buttons, which all create that luxurious
Maquien garment, just for you.

Our sizes range from UK 8 – 22, we welcome bespoke individual, and also wholesale orders,
so please give us a call for more information.
We are always happy to receive phone calls or emails to answer any questions, it is our pleasure
to help you.

Please do keep an eye on us and let us know if we can make something truly special for you,
telephone us on 07734 216864 or use the contact form on this site. We look forward to hearing
from you as always, and any feedback you have is genuinely appreciated.

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Garments are made using British manufacturing skills in the UK. Many Maquien garments are also lovingly handmade, using carefully selected tailors with the highest level of skill.


All tweeds and wools are sourced from various mills in Scotland and the north of England. Maquien only uses the finest quality cloths, and believes the UK to produce the most characterful and highest quality available.