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Carpet Bags Of England

Carpet Bags Of England


I Design and Handmake Quintessentially English Traditional Style Victorian Carpet Bags. At present I have three sizes available, handbag, overnight & weekend, although I am working on other sizes and designs to add to my collection.
I also Handmake Leather Travel Bags and have more designs and ideas to bring into production over the coming months.

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I Personally Handmake each Bag in my Somerset workshop. I devised the different patterns, cut out the pieces, either from the Genuine Carpet, Leather or Upholstery Fabric, form the steel frames, cut the plywood bases, make the Leather Handles and Straps, using the Best Bridle Leather, create the linings, sew the various Carpet, Leather or Fabric pieces together and finally assemble the component parts into the desired finished product. My inspiration comes from the Victorian era where things were made to last! Sadly we now live in a world where it seems everything is mass poduced, with a built in obsolescence. I believe in making things that last! I'm proud of the products I make, they are well designed, well made and can truly be said to be of Heirloom Quality.


All the components that go in to the making of my bags are purchased within the UK, including the Brass Hardware, which is made in a British Foundry, and the Leather is from a local Tannery.