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Fashion Delivered is a forward thinking, technology driven consultancy for apparel product development, combining sustainability and commercialism in all of our projects.

The fashion industry is at the threshold of a new future in garment production. Fashion Delivered lead the way in incorporating advancing technology to redefine the design of contemporary fashion.

Our commitment to use revolutionary technology to save time, waste and cost resonates with all our clients. Outstanding craftsmanship remains at the forefront of all we do and utilising the cutting-edge technologies we love allows us to offer you the very best product.

Whether you’re an established brand seeking a diverse new collection or a start-up looking for a statement first season, Fashion Delivered are your go-to style partners.

We’re at our best when we’re making fashion happen and we want to share that with you. Take advantage of our experience and allow your brand, collections and pieces to come to life, how you envisage and beyond.

Fashion Delivered is the ultimate in fashion consultancy. We work with you to enhance your brand, ideas or collections to exceed expectations. Our bespoke services fit your unique needs – a solution to a sourcing dilemma or help finishing a collection. The Fashion Delivered ethos is to bring fashion to life in a sustainable, ethical and collaborative way, embracing the latest technology to save you time and money.

Paula is a pioneer of digital fashion technology. This forms a fundamental part of Fashion Delivered’s values. Her 20+ years’ industry experience and ongoing training and learning enable us to remain innovative and cutting edge, bringing technology into everything we do. AI, VR, 3D are redefining fashion design and at Fashion Delivered we know how to use it to the best advantage. 

Paula is supported by a talented and multi-skilled team. Our carefully hand-picked team each have at least 10 years’ industry experience that allows us to provide an extremely high level of service. We are masters of design, garment craftsmanship, fabric technology, digital product creation (DPC), sourcing and compliance, quality control, costing and margin optimisation. Our collective backgrounds span the fashion industry and include everything from start-ups to established brands as well as licensed products from both ends of the spectrum, high street and luxury.

Your needs are at the forefront of everything we do. Each client is given as much time and creativity as required, we’ll never compromise on quality, delivery or attention to detail. We only work with a select number of clients so we can give you the focus and energy you deserve.

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Fashion delivered always present UK options to our clients before offering other sourcing options. We also create our own Paula L. Wilson brand in London.

Fashion Delivered
The Pantiles Chambers, 85 High Street
Tunbridge Wells
United Kingdom

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Fashion Delivered is a forward thinking, technology driven consultancy for apparel product development, combining sustainability and commercialism in all of our projects. The fashion industry is at the...
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