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Goral and Son

Goral and Son


Established in 1936, Goral is an independent family run business manufacturing the finest traditional handmade footwear from our base in Sheffield, UK. Now run by the third generation of the Goral family we operate from new premises with modern production facilities and old fashioned craftsmanship.

Our shoes are still crafted entirely by hand in our factory. From hand cutting of the leather components through assembly, stitching and final polishing ensuring that the shoes have the highest possible quality. No machine will ever match our extraordinary handmade quality.

Over the years we have been steadily growing, recently moving premises to a modern, fully equipped factory unit where we employ highly skilled craftsmen, fully conversant with traditional shoemaking, to produce high quality footwear to defined specifications. This makes us one of the very few footwear factories focusing on traditional shoe making left in England.


We work with many major UK footwear brands and also abroad, passing our knowledge and passion to footwear brands that wish to locate their manufacturing process in England. We value their decision and that is why we always strive to offer our best workmanship to meet their specific demands.

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All of our products are handmade in our factory Sheffield, England. The traditional process of manufacturing shoes is labour intensive, takes time and careful hand work with more than 200 individual processes required for one finished pair of shoes. All of these processes are carried out by our own master craftsmen using long established shoemaking skills.


We work with many UK suppliers to source the highest quality materials for our shoes. However, like any other brand we source some of our materials from Italy/Spain- all of our materials used in the production process are of highest quality. This allows us to produce highest possible quality - no machine will ever match our extraordinary handmade quality.

Goral and Son
35 Spital Hill
South Yorkshire
S4 7LD
United Kingdom

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