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Geoff Stocker

Geoff Stocker


Geoff Stocker is a Menswear brand launched in April 2014 producing a range of highly original printed silk pocket squares, neck ties, scarves and dressing gowns.

The signature design style is very fluid. It can vary from quietly classic and understated, through to graphic and hard edged, reflecting a long career in digital abstract painting. At various times, influences from Art Deco, Cubism, Op art, Medieval, Ethnic, and Celtic Art can be detected.

All products are made in Britain.

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The Pocket Squares are printed and rolled hemmed by RA Smart of Macclesfield in Cheshire. The Neck Tie silk is also printed by RA Smart, but the ties are made by Mustard Ties of Gillingham in Kent. The Dressing Gowns are made by Fabrika of London from Twill Silk printed by RA Smart. The presentation boxes that come with each product are made by MacCarthy & Sons of Woolwich in London. I will also be using other small British factories for finishing my products as the business moves forward.


All the silk comes from China (as far as I know there is little or no silk farming and weaving in the UK). RA Smart are diligent in checking the quality and conditions under which the silk is produced. The presentation box components: stiff card and Buckram paper are all sourced in the UK.