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The Cambridge Sock Company

The Cambridge Sock Company


Happy Feet…

At the Cambridge Sock Company, we take pride in ensuring your feet enjoy luxurious comfort every step of the way.

Introducing our luxurious Alpaca and Mohair collections, lovingly created from sustainably sourced natural wool fibre.

Alpaca is the new cashmere – but softer, warmer and hard wearing…the perfect choice for a sumptuous sock. Mohair is the ultimate sock for an active and outdoor life - versatile, comfortable, durable and warm.

Made in the UK by highly experienced craftsmen, using the very best of traditional and modern techniques, these odour free socks ‘wick’ away moisture leaving your feet dry and cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our range of socks come in a rich palette of vibrant colours and a variety of lengths and styles - there is something for every wearer and every occasion - with the added bonus that they are also machine washable.

Order some today and you can be the judge!

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Our socks are made in the UK by experienced craftsmen.


Our fleece is sourced from Alpacas from Peru or Angora Goats from the UK.

The Cambridge Sock Company
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