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Corrymoor Mohair Socks

Corrymoor Mohair Socks


Made from the luxurious and hardwearing fleece of Corrymoor Angora Goats farmed in Devon. For 25 years we have been breeding organic Angora Goats and expanding and perfecting our range of mohair socks. Mohair is naturally strong and highly resistant to abrasion so Corrymoor Socks are durable and last longer. The smooth fibres of mohair are unique and don’t trap bacteria which cause smells and bad foot health. Our collection extends to 14 styles, 16 colours and 4 sizes (including children). We sell our British made socks to all walks and ages of life: from businessmen to mountaineers, from festival-goers to gardeners.

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The socks are knitted in Leicestershire on contract by a firm that uses traditional machines and skills. The firm has been in the same family for over 5 generations. The throws are woven in Scotland, and the gloves handmade in Devon by small cottage businesses.


Corrymoor Mohair Socks use most of their own mohair and make up the shortfall by buying from other British producers of mohair. If this is not sufficient, mohair is sourced elsewhere. Packaging is sourced locally in Devon and much of the cardboard is of recycled material.

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