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Established in 2014, Cravat Club, an online menswear store, specialises in British-made silk day cravats, neckties, scarves and pocket squares for the style-conscious and well-groomed gentleman.

Their products are exclusively woven, printed and handcrafted here in England, and offer a plethora of designs to suit every man’s taste and style. Cravat Club takes pride in the quality and artisanship of their products using the finest silk, and all products come in a luxurious presentation gift box.

Since starting in 2014, they have been growing from strength to strength; have vastly expanded their product range, are selling to over 50 countries spanning across 6 continents, and they have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers on the quality and presentation of their products.

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Cravat Club's silk cravats, scarves & pocket squares are exclusively manufactured here in the UK. They work with two silk mills both based in England. Cravat Club's production stages start from scratch with treating and processing raw silk, dyeing, weaving, printing... right up to making the material into cravats, scarves and pocket squares by hand. Every stage of production is carefully monitored as 'Great British Quality' is a key component to the Cravat Club brand. They believe manufacturing in the UK is a strong indication of quality, craftsmanship and heritage, and this is reflected through the calibre of their silk products.


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