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Janet Watson Art

My art is my world, it is my passion. I am a finalist for two awards for my artwork. I have raised money for charity selling my limited edition poppy prints, helping raise over £5,000. Ive met our local MP and Mayor because of my art. My owl art is in an infant school as I helped with the schools "90th" Birthday. My art is collected around the world: USA, New York, New York City, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Norway, Ireland, & many places within the UK. My intention is to bring love, peace & happiness to all though my artwork around the world. I use mainly in acrylic & mixed media and sometimes with the use of real gold leaf on canvas & wood. My inspiration comes from my studies in the earth, geology, ecology, weather & nature with the love for the countryside, seaside, sky, animals, wildlife, flowers & our earth shines out in my very different styles & collections. Artwork for any wall in your home, lounge, fireplace, hall, dinning room, landing & bedroom & business. Janet Watson Art Designs in progress to be on household items including aprons.
Underground caves – Goldmine collection is a very new collection and addition to my other underground Cave Collections – Karst/Marble/stalactites and stalagmites etc. Part of my 1st degree was on earth science/geology and my degrees having a big impact on my artwork and I am coming up with so many ideas for my art xx

Thank you for taking the time to read and talk a look at my artwork and have a great day xx

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