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Silvan Floors

Silvan Floors


Silvan are a British manufacturer of hand crafted timber floors.

We are one of very few flooring companies with a UK based sawmill. Here on our 4.5 acre site, the wood comes straight from the forests to be cut, dried, graded and hand finished, all by our own highly skilled specialist team.

We believe in combining the best of modern techniques with practices that have stood the test of time. Whilst this may take a little more time, you can rest assured your finished floor will have beauty and quality that can only be achieved by this personal attention to detail.

All our floors are handmade from the finest grades of timber and are sustainably sourced.

We use only Veneer grade logs. These trees are all old growth and yield perfect grain structure and colour. This all goes to make for a floor of the finest quality and character. Silvan carry out relevant due diligence in line with European Timber Regulations (EUTR)

Every member of the Silvan team appreciates the time and attention required to draw out the natural beauty of the wood and the skill and workmanship required to create a handcrafted floor to suit the needs of modern design.

Choosing the correct timber for your floor is a key consideration at the beginning of the process. Such is the precision of our service that, should you wish to know later on, we can tell you exactly where the wood comes from.

As you would expect from people so immersed in the natural world, environmental concerns are vitally important to us, and you have the reassurance that all our wood is sustainably sourced.

Our starting point is always our client, with their vision creating the inspiration for the careful selection of the wood, its skilled preparation and the beauty and character of the finished floor.

Clients include leading international designers and architects. Silvan floors can be found in some of the world’s finest private residences, museums and galleries, hotels, retail and corporate buildings.

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Timber is cut, dried, graded and hand finished at our own UK sawmill.


Timber is responsibly sourced from the forests of Britain and Northern France


Silvan Floors
Thurlaston Saw Mil, l Enderby Road
United Kingdom