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Lancashire Textiles LTD

Lancashire Textiles LTD


Located in an old mill town, Lancashire Textiles is one of the last standing mills in the county and holds over 100 years of textile experience through their colleagues.

Founded in 2001, their business continues to grow every year, facing new challenges and adapting to new technologies as the textile industry advances.

Lancashire Textiles offer products including protectors and linens, right through to bath towels and cushion covers. They also manufacture a high volume of soft homewares such as, duvets, pillows, cushion pad inners and mattress toppers; all to the highest standard. Ranging in different tog ratings, their duvets are all made to the highest standard and also come in all standard bed sizes. Being a manufacturer they are also able to custom make products to what their customers desire. They are able to customise products to specific needs such as adjusting lengths of duvets and creating specialised size pillows.

One of the many benefits of having their products made on site is that they are able to make custom arrangements to what their customers desire... So if you are in need of a made to measure item then please get in contact with Lancashire Textiles so they can assist in the best way possible.

Their team is the root of their business; with their passion and dedication, the business has bloomed and blossomed into the respectable brand they are today. From engineers to sewing machinists, their textile team have a range of skills that they apply everyday - with over 100 years experience in the textile industry, from all areas of the world, their fantastic workforce work together to bring you the best products.

Using old school techniques and new technology, they can design and create, new and revolutionary soft homeware items to improve your day to day life in the best way possible.

We aren't all perfect... As manufactures they are able to accept the fact that not all their products are fit to leave the warehouse, to be sent to their customers and this is why the offer a "Slight Second" range. It may be a slight mark on the fabric or an imperfect stitch, they offer slightly imperfect items to the public to purchase at a bargain price!

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Lancashire Textiles are very proud of being a manufacturer of many soft furnishings. In the heart of Burnley, their mill runs everyday of the week, creating duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and various other soft home items.


Lancashire Textiles understand that only the best quality components will make the best quality products; just like a recipe, only the finest ingredients will create the tastiest dish. This is why they search high and low for the best quality fabrics and packaging.

Lancashire Textiles LTD
Cameron Mill, Howsin Street
BB10 1PP
United Kingdom