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The Therma cup is an insulated ceramic cup, that will keep your drink warm for up to an hour without tainting the flavour of your drink. It holds 8oz (230ml) of drink and comes with a tight fitting silicone lid, so it can be used as a reusable cup at your favourite independent coffee shop.

Unlike plastic reusable cups the Therma cup is very easy to clean and both the cup and lid are dishwasher safe. The cup is carefully crafted by the potters in Stoke on Trent in the UK.

The only problem is that you have to decide which colour combination suits you the best!

Therma Cup co was set in 2018 by Jody leach the designer of the Therma Cup. The story of the Therma cup comes from my own personal need of an insulated cup and the desire of great tasting coffee. I set my self the brief to design a cup that will keep a coffee at a perfect temperature without tainting the flavour. The cup also had to be comfortable to hold and have a capacity of 8oz so I could use it as a takeaway cup.

The Therma cup was launched initially in white via a Kickstarer campaign, different colours were introduced later. The Interest has grown sufficiently enough for to me to launch the Therm Cup co at the 2018 London Coffee Festival.

Thank you to everybody who has supported along my journey so far.

If you have any questions feel free to ask info@thermacup.co


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Thermacup is made in Stoke on Trent, UK.

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