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The Throw Company

The Throw Company


Established for 27 years The Throw Company offers the world’s largest range of luxury Faux Fur products.
Our vast ranges of homeware, fashion and giftware are lovingly designed and handmade in our UK studio. Every item we make has an added touch of magic as our machinists are superbly talented and creative – products are handmade with the foremost rule of quality over quantity!
The top quality Faux Furs we use are hardly distinguishable from real fur, so we feel there is now absolutely no need to use animals for their fur. Working closely with animal protection societies and charities we have forged strong relationships and often do our bit to help good causes.
“Fake for animal’s sake”
We are also noted for our supply of fabrics and faux furs by the metre, which are often used by our customers to make teddy bears, costumes and sets/ displays. Many of our furs can be spotted on the TV, Stage and in films!

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We hand make and design everything in our UK studio. Developing our products from an idea we nurture the designs ourselves until they are perfect and then are ready to be hand made into the real thing. We also provide a trade service and supply many companies across the UK and the globe!


All our products are made in the UK, using skilled craftspeople and strict quality control. We try to source many components within the UK where possible and are always particularly interested in using UK suppliers - so if there is any manufacturer out there who wants to send us samples, we are more than happy to consider them.

The Throw Company
12 Valley Bridge Road
United Kingdom