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The Lace Knittery

The Lace Knittery


I design, dye and knit my own Lace Knitting wraps, shawls, kits, patterns and accessories. I use only premium natural fibres and dye using acid or natural dyes in small batches. I regularly have custom orders from around the world and will work on colours or design closely with the client. I am passionate about encouraging creativity and the fantastic yarn heritage we have. This has been most easily recognised in a line of knitting kits that use my own watercolour knitting technique. I teach and lecture small groups on fibre, spinning, dyeing and yarn. I can reproduce historical designs. I am endlessly inspired by the history, heritage, myth and magic of the British Isles. I regularly appear on Hochanda TV and at National shows around the country. I welcome custom and trade orders.
Each design has a story behind it which I share with the client.
I only use premium, natural fibres and work closely with local producers, farmers, and British fibre companies to ensure this remains at the heart of my work. Quality, care and individuality are at the heart of my business

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I manufacture dyed fibre, yarn, kits and accessories here in rural Somerset.


My fibre and yarn is sourced from a wide variety, neighbour's, friends, and farmers will supply me with premium fleece or fibre. I source my natural dyes from the wild or from a UK supplier and my acid dyes are supplied from Yorkshire. I use two further yarn companies based in Cheshire and Lancashire. Both can trace their fibre supplies back to the individual. All yarn is mulesing free.

The Lace Knittery
Rose Cutters Cottage, Puckington
TA19 9JA
United Kingdom