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London-based Romor Designs was formed in the autumn of 2015 by Rob Jones, a shibori textiles designer and natural dyer.

Having discovered Shibori, the ancient Japanese art of resist dyeing, at West Dean college, Rob went on to study in Japan under indigo guru, Bryan Whitehead.

In 2018, Rob returned to Japan to expand his Japanese textiles skills, visiting Ise, the home of Katagami stencilling and buying supplies to set up his own teaching practice back in the UK.

He also visited the Sashiko museum in Hinohara and brought back sashiko thread and vintage textiles and is now teaching Sashiko and Boro classes as well.

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Each item is handmade in my studio under an old railway arch in Hackney, North London. I look out through old leaded lights into the communal area, home to a few tatty old chairs, art books, an old butler's sink where I wash out my fabrics and a plethora of weird and wonderful artifacts including a church pulpit, World War I belts, driftwood and an ostrich egg!


I try to source as many of my materials as I can from recycling or using vintage fabric which I then dye in my studio. This includes white or cream textured chirimen kimono silk which I get from Japan; and French linens and cottons sought out and haggled over at Brocante fairs in France. Where material has to be sourced locally, if I buy new I try to find ethically sourced fabric from small independent haberdashers in and around London and I’m not averse to recycling finds from the odd jumble sale, craft fair or antique shop purchase if something’s right and catches my eye. Offcut strips of fabric are used in lieu of string or ribbon to tie together napkins, coasters and other small items and throws are wrapped in naturally dyed fabric wrappers.


Romor Designs
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