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David Law 'Your Personal Jeweller'

David Law 'Your Personal Jeweller'


David Law ‘Your Personal Jeweller’ specialises in creating bespoke jewellery and offering an individually personalised buying experience.

Whether you are looking to create a bespoke engagement ring, matching wedding bands, eternity rings, pendants, earrings and more, when you work with David Law he can design and make them for you.

From just a small idea or a hint David will create a series of unique designs for you to see and choose your ideal bespoke jewellery piece from. You will also get the chance to see and feel it as he prints it for you from his 3D wax printer before hand finishing at his Hatton Garden workshop.

With David’s wealth of experience spanning over 35 years and an unrivalled personal service you can be confident - really confident - that the bespoke engagement ring and jewellery that he make will be exactly as you expect it to be.

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David Law designs all his jewellery at his Knightsbridge London design studio, and hand finishes his bespoke pieces at his Hatton Garden London Studio


All of the components that David Law uses including diamonds and precious metals are sourced in the UK


David Law 'Your Personal Jeweller'
91 Wimpole Street
United Kingdom