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Thermo Products Ltd

Thermo Products Ltd


Thermo Products are a small family business who took over the production of tube heaters in 2001 when they bought the rights to make them off Philips Electronics. Their Tube Heaters in both 110v and 240v offer the ideal heating solution for applications that require low cost, steady background heat - and their eco tubular heaters cost just £0.005 Per Hour / Per Foot to run.

With a history going back to 1948 Thermotube Tube Heaters have been used to stop pipes from freezing, in airing cupboards when a boiler is removed, utility rooms, porches, caravans, offices, pet enclosures, under pool and snooker tables for improved ball speed. They are usesd to melt honey, in greenhouses, garages, inside cars and even in a brewery to speed up the hops fermentation.





Thermotube tubular heaters have been made in the UK since 1948 and have been made in Harlow, Essex since 2001


The aluminium tube is cut in the Midlands, it is then painted in Berkshire and finally assembled in Essex.

Thermo Products Ltd
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