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Denys & Fielding

Denys & Fielding


Denys & Fielding make bright bold garden furniture and hand crafted gifts as well as offering a deckchair hire service & creative workshops to escape the everyday and reconnect with nature.

Our product range includes everyday luxuries - from plant based aromatherapy candles, gardener's skincare and balms through to deckchairs and garden chairs for that perfect, post work escape into the garden.

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We are a small family run company, based in Kent, making the vast majority of our products ourselves. In fact, the only thing we do not have a hand in making ourselves are our serving trays, which are made for us, from recycled materials, in Birmingham. We take great pride in creating unique, high quality products that celebrate the garden and wider natural world. Sustainability is at the heart of how we develop our ideas into reality.


We source 95% of our materials from the UK and the remainder from Europe. Our packaging is made here in Kent and just over the border, in Sussex. All of our packaging is fully recyclable.