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Defender Bird Spikes | Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd

Defender Bird Spikes | Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd


Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd are one of the first British owned companies to bring bird and pigeon spike manufacturing to Britain and offer them at a reasonable price. Our brand of bird control products, Defender™ Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes, are designed, developed, patented and manufactured here in the UK, specifically on Dartmoor in Devon. They were invented by David Jones and his wife Kursty Jones.

All our Defender™ polycarbonate range of pigeon spikes are UV stabilised and come with a 15 year product warranty. Our stainless steel range of bird spikes come with a 25 year ‘no rust’ warranty. These are pretty hard to beat and is why we are considered by many to be the leading pigeon deterrent manufacturers and are used by almost every pest control company in the UK, town and city councils. We are also shipping large quantities to customers abroad.

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100% of our Defender™ Spike range is designed and produced entirely in the UK, specifically on Dartmoor in Devon. We have never once considered manufacturing our Defender Pigeon Spikes abroad. The main reason is accessibility. We have complete control over the design and production as it is here in house. We can watch each individual spike being made and assembled before we pack it up and send it out to the customer.


The components used for our Defender™ Bird Control range are also sourced locally from several companies in a small town on the center of Dartmoor. Devon has a thriving industrial network made up of real artisan talents including the plastic molding companies we use. Jones and Son are lucky enough to work directly with them so any design decisions concerning the tooling can be implemented immediately. The wire used in our Stainless Steel Bird Spikes is formed using a rescued, reconditioned 2nd World War Heenan Froude machine. It’s nice to think that in World War II it made components for anti-aircraft guns protecting our cities and now in the 21st Century it’s making Defender™ Pigeon Spikes and Bird Spikes, protecting the very same buildings.


Defender Bird Spikes | Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd
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