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Kalabash Bodycare


Kalabash is an award-winning British artisan range of luxurious Caribbean-inspired natural and organic bodycare and cold process handcrafted soap which is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. All Kalabash products are made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and to our environment, whilst evoking a sense of calm and Caribbean escapism.

We believe in the healing powers of plants and infuse our products with pure aromatherapy grade essential oils which add fragrance, lift your spirit and calm your mind. We choose to avoid synthetic dyes and pigments, and colour our products naturally, with flowers, herbs, spices and clays, which ensures the range is 100% natural. We use beneficial pure therapeutic grade essential oils for fragrance as well as their healing, soothing and calming powers to help you feel great at the end of a long day. We choose to avoid synthetic perfume which sometimes contains skin irritants and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Our founder, Sharron Jenkins, has been a soapmaker for well over a decade. Kalabash was inspired by her love of nature, gardening and tropical plants. The range - which is suitable for all skin types, pays homage to both her British and Caribbean heritage. Sharron's Windrush parents are originally from Dominica, the so-called Nature Island of the Caribbean. Her memories of a childhood holiday to her parents’ Garden of Eden homeland, with its dense rainforests, looming mountains and tropical gardens, watered by 365 rivers and streams which crisscross the island made a lasting impression and shaped the vision for her brand. Dominica influenced the Kalabash unique palm free artisan soap formulation, made with high-quality exotic Caribbean inspired ingredients including skin nourishing mango seed butter, coconut oil, castor oil and organic cocoa butter.

Our 3 Organic Body/Bath oils are lightweight luxurious body oils absorb into your skin like magic. The unique blend of six powerful exotic fruit and seed oils moisturise, firm and brighten your skin keeping it feeling soft, hydrated and supple.

Our mineral-rich bath salts are the ultimate home spa experience, we’ve combined Dead sea salt crystals with British Epsom salts for their mineral-rich therapeutic benefits and coated them with exotic coconut oil to soften the water and moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky.

The Kalabash mission is to create natural vegan-friendly and organic tropical treats in small batches to ensure freshness and quality for you to enjoy during your self-care rituals.

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Kalabash Bodycare products are made and packaged by hand in Britain from a quaint thatched cottage, complete with an Aga, in rural Bedfordshire UK. In line with UK legislation, every Kalabash product has been assessed for safety by a qualified Cosmetic Scientist and passed by them as being compliant with the European Cosmetic Regulations, EC 1223/2009.


Our products are handcrafted with care and attention, using meticulously selected, high quality and vegan-friendly plant-based ingredients, which are kind to your skin and our planet.   Kalabash products are high quality artisanal, handcrafted and made in small batches for freshness and quality. We try to use as few ingredients as possible in our products and create them with understanding, honesty and care. We passionately believe in equality and that everyone should have access to education. We try to help by sourcing Fair Trade and organic Shea Butter which goes into Kalabash products.  Doing so enables the women who work so hard to produce it to send their children to school and give them a better future with dignity.  Because our products are handmade one batch at a time in the UK, we feel we are playing a small role in sustaining the UK artisan craft and manufacturing sectors. Because we are conscious of the environment and our planet, we produce all our products in reusable/recyclable containers/packaging and avoid unnecessary wastage during the production process. We try to keep the use of plastic to the bare minimum and only use plastic when more sustainable alternatives are unavailable. Each bar of Kalabash vegan-friendly artisan soap is hand cut, hand stamped and exquisitely packaged in plastic-free biodegradable packaging. Transparency is important to us and so you clearly understand what’s in each product, our labels include a complete list of ingredients by their commonly known names and clear directions for use. ​​ Although many of our ingredients are from around the world, we try to source our raw materials and packaging from local suppliers as quality and maintaining a small carbon footprint is equally important to us. Because our handcrafted soap is palm free, it doesn't contribute to deforestation or degrade wildlife habitats.