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House of Dorchester


House of Dorchester, the premium British chocolatier produces a range of high quality chocolates, crafted at the company’s factory on the Duchy of Cornwall’s Poundbury estate in Dorset. Proudly British, the artisan chocolate company has been creating award-winning chocolates for 50 years.

Today the company enjoys an established reputation for the supply of supremely indulgent chocolates made to an original, British derived recipe. You can find House of Dorchester on the high street, in a wide range of fine food stores, delicatessens, independent retailers, farm shops and garden centres as well as online at

House of Dorchester takes its responsibility to the environment seriously and maintains a strong focus on sustainability by supporting the Quality Partnership Programme (QPP) which enables farmers in West Africa’s Ivory Coast to grow cocoa in a responsible way, increase yields and quality and improve family livelihoods.

The current portfolio of House of Dorchester branded chocolates offers a variety of decadent chocolate eating experiences, including Connoisseur Collections, Luxury & Dark Collections, Caramel, Coffee, Dessert, Mint & Violet Creme Chocolate Collections, London England and Scottish Saltire Flag ranges, chunky finest chocolate bars and a range of seasonal chocolate treats designed with a focus on key gifting opportunities such as Christmas and Easter. In addition, House of Dorchester produces a number of specialist lines which celebrate pivotal British events, such as Diamond Jubilee, London 2012 Olympics and the recent 60th anniversary celebration of the coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Britain is credited with producing and selling the world’s first chocolate bar and House of Dorchester takes great pride in demonstrating its thoroughly British credentials and continues to fly the flag for great British chocolate manufacturing.





Almost all of the indulgent centres are hand made in Dorchester and many are also hand decorated using traditional hand finishing techniques – from the addition of a smattering of ground nuts to an elegantly piped swirl. This represents the honed skills and craftsmanship which have been passed down from generation to generation during the company’s established heritage.


Identifying the very best ingredients to deliver the unrivalled superior taste synonymous with House of Dorchester remains a priority. Whenever possible the finest ingredients are sourced locally and British products used. Sometimes the best ingredients around the world are found just around the corner, such as English Black Mitcham peppermint which comes from Hampshire. However, there are occasions when it is necessary to look further afield, so for example the sweetest oranges are sourced from Seville, growers in Sicily produce the tastiest pistachios. Columbian rain delivers the finest coffee beans and the essential cocoa beans are grown in the warm climes of West Africa and processed into liquid chocolate in the UK. The majority of packaging used to present House of Dorchester chocolates is sourced from the UK. Care is also taken to employ British transport companies to transfer the products to its various retailer destinations, thus minimising the company’s carbon footprint.

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