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Hidden Curiosities Gin

Hidden Curiosities Gin


Small batch artisan gin meticulously handcrafted with 20 intriguing botanical to create a remarkably curious gin.

Hidden Curiosities Gin was created by Cravat Club director Jenny, who after extensive research sampling nigh on 100 different craft gins over the course of a year, dedicated her time and passion to develop a unique recipe with a very distinctive character. The balance of aromatic spices from 5 different peppercorns and green cardamom, paired with strong citrus flavours from yuzu and pink grapefruit, and supported by a whole orchestra of highly delectable botanicals, formed a deeply complex and multifaceted artisan gin.

Working very closely with a local, yet renowned distillery in the Surrey Hills, who carried the right expertise for this exciting new project, Jenny was able to perfect and fine-tune her recipe in order to produce the specific result she had in mind. Using their magnificent hand-built 350 litre copper still, charismatically powered by a wood fired steam boiler, her first batch of Hidden Curiosities gin was born.

Jenny says, "I truly believe this gin is something very special indeed; the flavours transform depending on how you serve and garnish your Hidden Curiosities gin. It is extremely palatable neat, or by adding a splash of tonic will release more of the hidden botanicals residing in the background.

"My recommended garnish for the perfect gin & tonic would be pink peppercorns and green cardamom to intensify the spices; perfect for a winter gin, or if you have a penchant for pepperiness like myself! For more of a refreshing clean citrus taste, add a twist of pink grapefruit or yuzu peel."

Hidden Curiousities have recently introduced a Japanese inspired navy strength gin.

"Aranami 荒波 - meaning "Raging Waves" in Japanese, is a powerful, albeit super silky smooth navy strength gin. At 59% ABV and bursting with flavour from 20 botanicals, (7 of which are specifically sourced from Japan), it really packs a punch just like the dragon emerging out of the tempestuous waters featured on the back of the bottle.

The bottle may appear demure with elegant cherry blossom scattered on the label, but this gin is certainly no delicate flower. Overflowing with citrus, pepper and floral notes with a beautifully long finish, this Aranami gin is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate."

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Distilled in the Surrey Hills, England


Our carefully selected botanicals are sourced from around the world to attain the best quality ingredients. Our lavender is sourced locally at Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey. Our labels are made in England from a reputable label printing company.

Hidden Curiosities Gin
The Studio, Keighley Lodge, Pond Road
GU22 0JY
United Kingdom

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