We are a sustainable luxury company using ethically farmed real butterfly wings creating artefacts (different accessories) with colours and designs never used and seen before - all designed in Paris and handmade in England.

The butterfly wings we use have a natural iridiscent shine that cannot be artificially produced. We are the first ones to create such designs and marquetry in luxury accessories.
We are not only sustainable when sourcing our butterfly wings, but even have a deep positive impact. Butterfly farms actively protect the rainforest, maintain a healthy butterfly population, lift indigenous people out of poverty, help to educate people about the environment and give them a real alternative to logging or burning the forests in order to survive.

Our design team comprises of Parisian designers who formerly worked for Lorenz Baeumer, VanCleef&Arpels and Louis Vuitton.
Starting in 2017 we will add several new products to our collection starting with clutches that feature our unique and beautiful real
butterfly wing marquetry.
When acquiring our artefacts they will not only brighten your day whenever you look at them, but at the same time they are actively contributing to protecting the environment and giving jobs to local communities.






Our KHAMAMA artefacts are all handmade in Cheshire where we have our own boutique manufacturing facility. We do everything we can ourselves and thereby also create jobs in England.


Our most important component of the artefacts, the butterfly wings, are sourced from tropical countries in South America, Africa and South-East Asia. We only cooperate with butterfly farms that support the local economy, educate people and actively protect the rainforest. Therefore we regularly visit the butterfly farms which are often in very remote regions such as the East Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.

Amos Hornstein