Vintage Satchel Company

Vintage Satchel Company


Vintage Satchel Company has been making traditional leather satchels and bags for over 50 years.

Nestled in a quiet Belfast street, beneath the shadows of the historic mill chimneys that hark back to a city’s rich industrial past, Vintage Satchel Company is steeped in manufacturing history and tradition.

Their proud heritage has seen VSC make beautifully crafted leather satchels for more than 50 years. While the world of manufacturing may have changed in pace and output, a legacy of craftsmanship lives on as these makers continue to lavish care, attention, detail and, dare we say it, ‘love’ on each individually made and hand crafted leather satchel. These makers are among the most experienced and highly skilled in the world.

Using only the finest vegetable tanned leather, ethically and sustainably sourced from one of the few remaining tanneries in the UK, the VSC collections are known for their simple, understated design with a sturdy box shape and functional and decorative buckle detailing, as inspired by their original and signature bag: the vintage satchel.

Vintage Satchel Company is a trading name of Ulster Supported Employment Limited (USEL). USEL operates a supported factory that provides paid employment to disabled persons who by reason of the nature or severity of their disability are unable to take up work in open employment. USEL is supported and partially funded by the Department for Employment and Learning.





All products are manufactured exclusively at their factory in Belfast where all design, cutting, sewing and inspection takes place. VSC also provides industrial fabric cutting and stitching services. VSC works in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and BS 8555 Environmental Management System.

Vintage Satchel Company
182-188 Cambrai Street
BT13 3JH
United Kingdom
Paul Potter
+44 (0)28 9075 0620