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Tullibee is a BOLD & BEAUTIFULLY BRITISH brand, born from my passion for beautiful products, simple bold designs, impeccable standards & not following the norm! Oh & being a little bit detail obsessed!

In the world of baby nursery interiors where pastals, cute characters & teddies are often the only choice we have created a range of products in contemporary bold patterns & carefully selected colours that every adult will be oh so envious of!!

Each piece of the tullibee range has been meticulously designed & developed to meet the highest standards of quality & of course safety. Using only natural materials the range consists of printed organic cotton bedding & sleepwear for babies & toddlers as well as knitted lambswool blankets & cushions.

I am passionate about working with British manufacturers & suppliers, really trying to keep our footprint as small as possible, whilst offering our customers a fabulous range of products.






Designed & developed in my tiny Manchester studio, I have then searched high and low for small manufacturers that are experts in what they do & know their stuff. Our organic cotton interlock products are sewn in North Wales & our pure lambswool blankets & cushions are knitted in Scotland.


We source as many components as possible from the UK; from our fabric printing in the Midlands, to our feather cushion pads made in the east of England, even our care labels are printed in Leicester & our packaging materials are also printed here in the UK. We keep a really close eye on where our components are from & the processes through which they go. Unfortunately we have struggled to find an organic cotton interlock base fabric that meets our very high standards so we currently buy this in from Portugal in a raw state. We print, finish & finally go on to sew everything in this fabric here in the UK.

tullibee ltd
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