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Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles

Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles


Dr Zigs specialise in making Giant Bubble Toys and Kits. Their toys can make bubbles the size of a small elephant and are suitable for use from the age or 3.
Dr Zigs was started in North Wales by a mum at her kitchen table, as her young son Ziggy, a toddler at the time was enthralled by bubbles. Today Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles whilst still being manufactured within sight of Snowdon are sold around the world.
They make these themselves, and they are as environmentally friendly as possible (they have less surfactant in their bubbles than in a bottle of Ecover!) Their wands are made of sustainably sourced wood, our ropes are 100% untreated cotton, and manufactured in the UK. Their bottles are made from recycled plastic and are in turn fully recyclable. They also offer £3 off refills!
A percentage of all sales also goes towards their Bubbles Not Bombs project, where they send bubbles to kids who need them both in the UK and abroad.

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Dr Zigs have a wonderful manufacturing unit in an old dairy building on the Vaynol Estate outside Bangor, North Wales. They manufacture absolutely everything themselves. It is important to the quality of their product that they maintain the highest standards and expertise that they have developed, it also allows them to innovate and improve in real time. At Dr Zigs HQ, within site of Snowdon, they also have the worlds first Giant Bubble attraction where kids of all ages can go and experience and play with their bubbles.


All Dr Zigs materials are sourced within the UK. This goes hand in hand with their sustainable and ethical ethos that has become their USP and is part of what makes their toys so increasingly popular. One exciting and unique ingredient to Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubble Mix is their water - sourced locally from the Menai Strait and Anglesey Sea Salt who produce water as a by product of their own production. Dr Zigs are currently updating their packaging and are excited to have found a UK company who are able to produced quality packaging from recycled cardboard. And whereas they were buying their ropes from China, they have now found a UK company to manufacture these. Dr Zigs are proud to be British, and very proud to be Welsh company too.


Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles
Bubble HQ, Vaynol Estate
LL57 4BP
United Kingdom