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Ticklish Kids was founded in 2015 in Rutland by myself, Karen Tickle, fashion designer and mum. We all know kids love making a mess but as a parent, I know it’s not so much fun for us when their clothes are caught in the crossfire. There are a lot of functional cover-up products on the market but I struggled to find anything that looked good. Ticklish Kids aims to strike the balance between style and practicality.

I have been a designer for 25 years. Living in Rutland and having grown my own ticklish kid, I realised there was a gap in the market for messy play garments - not just a wipe-clean, functional garments, but beautiful & stylish garments with inspiration taken from vintage art smocks.

The Ticklish Kids range has been tailored to messy tasks that children love. Art smocks have been designed with pockets that are perfect for storing paintbrushes. Ticklish Kids baking smocks let kids keep their rolling pins and utensils at the ready during busy afternoons in the kitchen.
Gardening and splash smocks have been added to the range, which is all designed and manufactured in the UK. I now also have a variety of aprons for both baking and art. Perfect for party bags for your kids baking or art parties!

Visit our website www.tickishkids.co.uk to see the full range.

Come and see us at:
Marie Curie Autumn Fair, Monday 30th October 2017 at the Mickleover Court Hotel, Derby.
Mary Howard Christmas Fair, 14th to 17th November 2017, see website for details www.maryhowardfairs.com
Ripley Castle Christmas Fair, near Harrogate, N Yorkshire, HG3 3AY Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th November 2017

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All my products are made in the UK. Smocks in Leicestershire and aprons in Lancashire. Having designed in manufacturing from my first job it has always been important to me to support British factories. Seeing a product from concept through make up is a thrill I never tire of.


My splash showerproof smocks are made from a UK proofed cotton by Halle Stevenson. Other fabrics for my lovely heavy cotton twill used in the art smocks and denim gardening smocks are also purchased from UK companies. Wherever possible I have sourced from from UK based companies.