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Kingdom of Origin

Kingdom of Origin


Kingdom of Origin is a luxury British Girlswear label for girls aged 4-11, committed to providing a sustainable and ethical alternative in the luxury goods market.

They create beautifully finished and well made clothes from the softest and most luxurious fabrics available, promoting the absolute best of British Craftsmanship. Product features allow for children to grow and the high quality materials ensure clothing lasts. K.O.O.’s timeless designs are made in the UK, supporting local artisans and ethical factories.

K.O.O launched the debut collection in March 2017, which has been brilliantly received by the National and International press and subsequently, has won awards for 'Best Fashion Newcomer' in the well known childrenswear publications and fashion awards.

The vision is to inspire something different within the market; a truly authentic and unique British made brand that is ethical and sustainable. The brand ethos is just as important as the beautifully crafted products created.

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The collections are all ethically made in Leicestershire and London.


The majority of our fabrics are knitted and woven from all over the U.K. including Lancashire, Leicestershire and Southern Ireland. Any woven fabrics that we are unable to find within the U.K, we source via U.K agents, who find us European fabrics - either from Italy, France or Belgium. All of the labels, packaging and other brand collateral are also made in the U.K. minimising our carbon footprint wherever possible and supporting the local economy.

Kingdom of Origin
Studio 40, The Manor
Tur Langton
United Kingdom