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At Jacq and Rose we create beautiful babywearing wraps using fabric woven on a Jacquard loom at a British mill. Our designs are created in-house and they are inspired by our love of nature and tessellating patterns. We work with yarn suppliers in the UK and around the world, sourcing quality yarns that have been ethically produced and dyed in accordance with European EU/ISO standards. All of our wraps and slings arrive beautifully presented, washed and ready to use straight out of the bag.

Our love of babywearing came from carrying our own children and experiencing the freedom that this gave us. Now that our children are past this stage, our mission is to continue sharing this skill and helping other parents to free up their hands.

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Our cloth is woven at a mill in Lancashire. It is then cut and hemmed in the South East of England before being packed and shipped from Berkshire. Our labels are woven in Derbyshire and our literature is printed in Northumberland.


Currently, the majority of yarn that is woven into the cloth that makes our slings is sourced and dyed in Lancashire. We source small amounts of cotton yarn from Italy and we may look to purchase other more specialist, luxury yarns from Europe in the future. All of our packagings are ecologically friendly and sourced from the UK.