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The Stitch Society

The Stitch Society


The Stitch Society Artisan Workwear
Simple. Stylish. Durable.

The Stitch Society is a growing British brand, designing and manufacturing premium, luxury work aprons to artisans around the globe.

We launched our aprons two years ago, creating our unique pinafore apron design featuring a large pleated pocket. The Society’s ethos is all of its garments are made from the highest quality, most luxurious and durable sourced fabrics.

From our studio based at the World Heritage Site of Salts Mill in Yorkshire - once the world’s largest industrial mill and the beating heart of the British textile industry - The Stitch Society successfully weaves our rich heritage with modern e-commerce to produce a revered collection of designer-aprons and accessories that are anything but ‘run of the mill’.

Each apron is given a traditional name, a nod to the provenance of the Society’s vast collection of quality British fabric; its bestsellers include ‘Susie’ and ‘Martha’.

We believe successful businesses reap what they sew and are committed to addressing the skill shortage currently facing the burgeoning British textile industry. In 2016 The Stitch Society partnered with Leeds College to launch The Textile Academy, in a bid to close the disparity between industry and education. We have been instrumental in developing a teaching program reflecting the real skill-set needed in today’s market place.

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All our aprons are designed and made in West Yorkshire. Our design studio is based in Salts Mill, Saltaire - the iconic mill built by Titus Salt and now home to David Hockney gallery as well as a host of lovely shops. Our aprons are manufactured in a small unit in Keighley, West Yorkshire where we work very closely with our extremely talented machinists. They are the key to our quality and are fabulous ambassadors for our business. We are extremely proud that we manufacture in the UK and have been working with our local college, servicing the need for machinists and other qualified workers in the local area.


All our cloth is currently sourced in the UK, all our patterns are produced in the UK and we try to source all components for our packaging within the UK from our labelling, tissue through to the packaging, trying where we can to use local suppliers with whom we can build strong relationships.

The Stitch Society
Piazza Offices, Salts Mill, Victoria Road
West Yorkshire
BD18 3LA
United Kingdom

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