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Big Fox are a new all-inclusive and sustainable menswear range from the UK.

Our clothes are handmade in the North East of England using fabrics sourced in the UK. We ensure to use manufacturers who deliver the highest quality and ethical standards, who pay their staff a living wage. Because we guarantee this, our prices reflect it. Our focus is to create a clothing range for men which is sustainable and friendly to the environment. We also want to change the stigma surrounding men's body image and mental health. When you look good, you feel good.

We use models who look like real people. We promote body positivity and mental health. There are some great things happening around body positivity at the moment but if you look the majority of this is for women. That's great and so it should be happening, but men suffer too and because we are not as vocal about it, then it's not seen as a big as a problem that it actually is.

You can find out more about Big Fox and why we do what we do on our website.

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We manufacture using a small independent manufacturer close to home who try and use staff that have been out of work for some time. Mainly older women who have usable skills but because of the skillsets they have and their age they find it more difficult to find work.


Based in Newcastle, we try and source all our materials from the UK, local to the north east if possible.