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Behind the scenes at The All-in-One Company

We took a trip to Northumberland for ‘The All-in-One Experience’ to create our own onesies and watch first hand as they were being made httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPhjTWvZsWI How many kids these days can say that they have visited a factory? Do they even stop to think about who made the toys that they play with or the…

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At last…the Meet the Manufacturer video!

Did you visit our Meet the Manufacturer event in June? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7FD2aQ_NzQ Back in June we held a trade event for UK fashion and textile manufacturers at the Truman Brewery in London’s East End. The show had 53 exhibitors, including knitwear manufacturers, fabric mills, leathergoods makers, tanneries, fabric printers and trims suppliers, who came from across the British…

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Designer Interview: Agi & Sam

Agi & Sam

We talk to British Fashion Award nominee Agi & Sam along with the director of their recent documentary to find out what it really means to make it in British fashion British fashion design duo Agi & Sam have been nominated for the category of ‘Emerging Talent: Menswear’ at tonight’s British Fashion Awards. Known for…

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How a Globe-Trotter suitcase is made

Globe-Trotter suitcase

Steve Lancefield’s stunning photos taken inside the Globe-Trotter factory in Hertfordshire depict the craftsmanship that goes into making each suitcase The Globe-Trotter suitcase company was established in Germany in 1897 by an Englishman named David Nelkin. He relocated the company to the UK in 1901 and his distinctive vulcanised fibreboard suitcases have been manufactured here…

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The making of Walsh shoes


Walsh are the only 100% British-made and owned sports shoe company – and their trainers are super comfy too! I first came across Walsh shoes last year when they were a little known brand selling their wares on Brick Lane market in London’s East End, but I never got round to purchasing a pair for…

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Meet the Manufacturer: Sheepland Slippers

Sheepland sheepskin slippers

David Gibson of Sheepland tells us how the dawn of the internet helped keep the skill of slipper making in Somerset [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RHI9m59bWA] When David Gibson gave up his job fixing printers in the City he never envisaged that he would go into the footwear trade. “We ended up in this business by accident. My…

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Why more British manufacturers should be taking on apprentices

British manufacturing apprentices

As National Apprenticeship Week approaches we look at why more British manufacturers need to invest in the next generation [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFTt8PYls0I] With UK manufacturing now showing signs of growth it is very depressing to read that it is a lack of skills that is holding British industry back.

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Interview: Jason Iftakhar, co-founder of Swifty Scooters


Swifty Scooters is a fine example of a company proving that British manufacturing and innovation can, and do, go hand in hand. The Swifty One Scooter, with its unique and innovative folding mechanism, is everything that ‘Made in Britain’ should stand for in the 21st Century – this is futureproof craftsmanship at its best. Who are…

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British-made bicycles: then and now


We love the contrast of these two films portraying British bicycle manufacturing – one from 1945, and the other made 8 decades later [vimeo http://vimeo.com/39401575] The first film, shown above and entitled ‘How a Bicycle is Made’, was produced  in 1945 by the British Council. It portrays a factory in the heart of industrial Britain…

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John Smedley – Made in England since 1784

John Smedley release video to celebrate manufacturing knitwear in England for over 230 years There aren’t many companies in the UK that have been manufacturing here  for as long as John Smedley – in fact, their business was founded just 13 years after Richard Arkwright invented the first water-powered spinning mill, at the start of the…

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