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Market British – Online Christmas Marketplace is live!

Discover the best Christmas gifts made in the UK

Market British - Online Christmas Marketplace

Market British is an Online Christmas Marketplace where you can find tons of Christmas gift inspiration.

All the Christmas gifts on Market British are made in the UK by our Make it British members

Every year since I can remember, Make it British has been creating a guide full of amazing gifts created by our members. All of which are made in the UK.

A hotly anticipated shopping tool for those that want to buy British, the Make it British Gift Guide has attracted buyers from all around the world who are looking to Buy British-made Christmas gifts.

This year the Make it British Christmas Gift Guide is now a standalone website – Market British

This year we wanted to do something a bit different with the Make it British Gift Guide. Something that would really make it easy for you to find gifts that are made in the UK.

So we created an Online Christmas Marketplace called Market British to showcase our member’s products in a place all of their own.

With more shoppers looking to spend locally and invest in products from small businesses, Market British offers you a one-stop-shop to find all of your UK-made gifts.

How do I buy the Christmas gifts on Market British?

Market British is not an eCommerce store. Everything that you see on the site can be bought directly from the makers.

Which means they get 100% of the profits from the sale of their products.

Just click the button on the product page and it will take you straight to the eCommerce store of the small business that sells the product.

If you buy a Christmas gift that you found on Market British – please let them know where you discovered it!

Will there be any discounts or special offers?

We are fully aware that this event takes place over the ‘Black Friday’ weekend. A time when the big guys offer seemingly irresistible deals.

Many of these ‘deals’ are not really a deal at all. We hate to break this to you, but lots of high street stores actually over-price products for the rest of the year in order to discount them on Black Friday.

In comparison, a UK-made product already offers great value in its quality, longevity and uniqueness. It’s why you’ll not see many UK-made brands taking part in Black Friday.

That being said, many of the companies taking part in the Make it British Pop-up are offering a special little something if you use our code.

The offer varies from company to company and more details will follow once you register.

Only ticket holders will receive the special code – make sure you register!

How long is the Online Christmas Marketplace running for?

Market British will be running all the way up to Christmas, so that means plenty of time to get your gifts ordered. Many of the products listed by our members are made to order, so to make sure they arrive on time, you’ll need to make sure you order sooner rather than later!

New products will be coming soon.

If you make products in the UK then we would love to feature them! All you need to do is become a member of Make it British. You can join to become a member here or jump on the Live chat to speak to the team.

Watch our live announcement for Market British


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