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UK factory tours with Prescott and Mackay

Accessory school teams up with key British manufacturers to offer the chance to visit some of the best leathergoods factories in the UK

Prescott & Mackay factory tours

Prescott & Mackay factory tours

If you are interested in the craftsmanship that goes into making leathergoods in this country, then this may be of interest – Prescott and Mackay, the accessory design school based in London, are running a series of ‘Made in Britain’ factory tours.

Here is your chance to get inside some of the best manufacturers of footwear and handbags in the UK, guided by an experienced tutor from the schoo,l as well as someone from each factory who will give an in-depth view of the workings of the production facility. The next tour involves a trip to Walsall, the traditional home of British leathergoods manufacturers, and includes a visit to the James Homer factory, which makes bags, wallets and purses for Ettinger.

These trips could be of great interest to anyone currently studying accessory design, individuals looking to learn more about manufacturing in the UK, or for those just wanting to see experience the craftsmanship that still exists in this country at first hand.

For further details of the Made in Britain tours visit the Prescott and Mackay website.




  1. Valérie-Anne DASINI on October 11, 2012 at 9:49 am

    hello, i am currently looking for UK hanbag manufacturers, if you are one of them please contact me, or could you help me with finding some as the internet is not helpful for that matter.
    Best regards.
    Valérie-Anne DASINI.

    • on October 11, 2012 at 10:28 am

      Hi Valerie

      I can help you to find a factory – please see our ‘Find a Factory’ page here.


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