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Spotlight on…Jacksons Fencing

In the first of a series highlighting some of the Best of British businesses that feature in our directory, we catch up with Richard Jackson, CEO of Jacksons Fencing, to find out more about his company.

Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing

About the company: Established in 1947, Jacksons Fencing is a family run business which designs, manufactures and installs perimeter security and access control products. Jacksons represents the best of British manufacturing, with a strong focus on quality,both in terms of the products made and the customer service offered. Today the company’s products are featured in schools, colleges, prisons, mental health sites, data centres, commercial premises, high security sites (including MOD and Embassies) and of course residential properties.
Jacksons was awarded Business of the Year for the whole of the South of England, in the Chamber of Commerce Awards in 2012.

Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing

Richard Jackson is the Chairman and CEO of Jacksons Fencing and the son of Harold Sands Jackson, the original founder of the business. We wanted to find out what he thinks makes Jacksons a Best of British company.

What makes Jacksons Fencing better than the competition?
We believe the quality of our products is second to none. All Jacksons products are built to ensure they are 100% fit for purpose and capable of delivering a long life time service. The 25-year guarantees across all our timber and steel products is a sign of the company’s over-arching commitment to quality and durability.

Have you ever considered making your product overseas?
Jacksons has always been proud of its British heritage and as a company we prefer, wherever possible, to keep all manufacturing in-house to ensure that we maintain the high standards of quality for which the business is renowned, as well as playing our part in supporting the British economy.

Do you think that it matters to your customers that your products are made in Britain?
In short yes. In a climate where ‘brand Britain’ is enjoying a surge of popularity, the quality associated with British manufacturing is becoming a key driver for our customers. There is also a renewed understanding that by supporting British companies, consumers can help to boost the British economy.

Jakoustic fence by Jacksons

Jacksons ‘Jakoustic’ fence provides a noise barrier – no more complaints from the neighbours!

What is your favourite product in the Jacksons range?
Our acoustic fencing – Jakoustic, which provides an aesthetically pleasing sound barrier to effectively reduce noise pollution, thus allowing people to enjoy their free time and their garden.

What is the most unusual product that you have ever made?
Because of our in-house technical expertise and proven ability to create bespoke products, we are regularly charged with overcoming unusual challenges. We’ve made a sliding gate which had to withstand temperatures of minus 40 degrees in Siberia, fencing which went into the sea to protect signets from foxes at a UK nature reserve, and an elephant house for a wildlife park in Kent!

Jacksons Fencing

The Elephant House created by Jacksons Fencing

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  1. RHIAN EVANS on July 1, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Hello there .I like your 2 nd photo here .The fencing panels is the style I am looking for .What is the fencing panel called please and the cost .Many Thanks.

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