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Spotlight on…Let it Reign

We interview Ria Parkin, founder of online lifestyle boutique Let it Reign, about selling ‘best of British’ products.

Ria-Parkin-Let it Reign

Ria Parkin, Let it Reign

Let it Reign is an online store that sources a unique collection of beautifully crafted products designed and manufactured in the UK. Each piece carries a Made in Britain stamp, and comes with an individual back-story. Items available to buy range from stationary, homeware and accessories, to beauty, print and gifts. We spoke to founder of Let it Reign Ria Parkin, to find out more about her British-made goods store.

How long have you been in the Industry?

Let it Reign launched in May 2012. Previous to that I had worked in fashion and publishing.

What inspired you to start your business?

I had the idea for the business a couple of years before setting it up but I was waiting for the right time. I’ve always had an interest in British design and manufacture, and felt there wasn’t anywhere to shop for interesting, independent British brands. I really wanted to create a shop that had a unique mix of British design products that were affordable as well as inspiring.

Porcelein pendants by Me Me Me

Porcelein pendants by Me Me Me

What makes your products better than the competition?

I hope our customers enjoy the exceptional quality, humour and unique designs of our products, at prices that won’t break the bank!

What was the project that made a difference to your success?

With the website just over a year and a half old I still feel like we have a long way to go, but setting this business up has been my greatest achievement. It has also most definitely been the hardest! As a new business you are very much learning as you go. I think our business strengths lie in our business’s ethos, our branding and our products.

What is your favourite product in your range?

This is very difficult as it changes regularly, but at the moment I’m loving these coat hooks by Heather Alstead, perfect for all the family and those unexpected house guests!

Coat Hooks by Heather Alstead

Coat Hooks by Heather Alstead

How much of your product is made in the UK?

All the products we sell are either handmade or manufactured by the designer in the UK.

Do you think that it matters to your customers that your products are made in Britain?

I hope so, perhaps not to everyone but most definitely to the majority. I’m happy to see that the demand for British made products is growing, and that the ability to buy these products is becoming more mainstream and accessible to everyone.

What is the most unusual product that you sell?

The most unusual product we sell is probably the Cone Light  – a great design that is eye-catching, practical and of course fun!

Cone Light by Alex Garnett

Cone Light by Alex Garnett



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