fbpx How to gain investment for your start-up brand with Simon Middleton

How to gain investment for your start-up brand with Simon Middleton

Brand guru, Simon Middleton, shares his advice on how to gain investment for your start-up brand and the importance of professionalism.

Simon Middleton is an entrepreneur and a brand expert.

In this interview, which was done originally as a Facebook Live, Simon shares his wisdom by telling us about his new venture, Blackshore Coastal Clothing,  a menswear brand for those who love the shores and harbours of the British Isles.

The garments combine sturdy, specialist fabrics and slow-make manufacture here in the UK to create an enduring product. He explains the thinking behind the brand, it’s ethos, and how he is securing investment through a Crowdcube campaign to realise his plans.

Some great tips and advice for any new business looking to set up a brand that is made in the UK.


blackshore, investment, brand, start-up

Blackshore’s first collection is available for pre-order

You can find out more about Blackshore here.

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  1. Mamafurfur on March 12, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    This is a step in the right direction and will shake up the money lenders who earn close to 8.5 % on your investment and give you 4.5% yet the stats provided amaze me as would have thought that people who save, think ahead !! who would take a TFSA with a banking institution paying interest @4.5 % when the Many excellent private funds ( which prior to TFSA you could only invest with if you had R500K- 1 Million to start with ) now are available to the smaller saver Via their TFSA which will allow the investor to save the same as if with a bank but with definite reward of at least 2 X bank investment rate would give and possibly even more if you choose wisely. The Real advantage to the TFSA in my opinion -is that any Dividend/ interest earned-growth( within the annual investment / life time accumulation allowed by SARS ) in any form is not taxable ( hence one has to invest where the highest return can be obtained and that is certainly NOT a bank !! ) further for pensioners particularly- this investment does not reduce the annual taxable interest deduction on other investments !!! so you have two bites at the cherry before you give it away professional writing

    • Mark on April 7, 2018 at 4:49 pm

      i wish i could understand what this is meant to mean

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