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How to build your British-made brand with Ruth Farrell

Starting a British-made fashion brand? Watch our video interview with fashion consultant and British-made brand owner Ruth Farrell, to gain valuable insight into how you can build your brand.

Ruth Farrell has 30 years experience in the fashion industry from fashion assistant to creative manager and has worked across retail, etail and wholesale.  She works as a consultant using her broad experience to help other brands grow, but has also branched out to start her own brand Hope Bespoke, a millinery brand, and Hope Blooms, her new clothing venture.

Ruth recently won ‘Best Fashion & Textile Services’ in the 2018 Yorkshire and Humber Enterprise Awards.

We caught up with Ruth to find out how she is building her brand and what advice she offers to start-up British-made fashion brands.

In our video interview Ruth discusses:

> What made her start-up her own brand

> How she identified her customer and her target market

> How to set a price point that works for your business as well as your customers

> How marketing is dependent on your location and customer, and the value of using both traditional and digital strategies.

> The competitive nature of the industry and navigating the changing market



  1. RaRa on August 29, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Ruth is a true ambassador for the bespoke industry. Creativity, passion and dedication in abundance. As the owner of 2 (soon to be 3) pieces, I feel I am the custodian of artwork, not just a hat. Fabulous interview!

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