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Bill & Eddie – Dog Outfitters of the very British kind

What is a dog to wear if it wants to support British manufacturing?

Bill & Eddie wax jacket

Bill & Eddie wax jacket

We may be moving out of our flat soon, to a house with a garden, so finally we can get a pet that is bigger than a hamster. What the kids would really love is a dog, but how can I stay true to what I believe in when all of those dog coats and leads that you can buy out there are all made in China?

Then, just as I was thinking about this, Bill & Eddie started following me (on Twitter that is), and I found that there is stylish, British-made, dog-wear out there.

Bill & Eddie call themselves ‘Dog Outfitters’, but they are in fact one lady called Amy Cottington, who founded the company in 2010 after¬†having escaped the corporate trap of the city for a quieter life in the South West. Having inherited a black¬†Labrador called Bill, she saw the need for dog accessories that would perfectly complement her own very British dog-walking attire of Barbour Jacket and Hunter wellies.
She set about scouring the UK for a handful of suppliers to build a collection that brought together some of the best craftsmanship in the country – leather collars and leads from Suffolk, lambswool from Wales,coats made from Harris tweed, ceramic dog bowls from Bristol and even home baked organic dog treats from her own Aga in the West Country.

When Bill was then joined by Eddie, a wire haired Dachshund, the obvious choice for the company name was Bill & Eddie. Sadly, Bill passed away, leaving Eddie to test run all of the products before they can be given the quality seal of approval for the Bill & Eddie brand.

Bill & Eddie tweed coat

Bill & Eddie dog outfits, along with other great pieces from the range, like the dog treats that Amy cooks in her own Aga, can be found at www.BillandEddie.co.uk



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