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Kate Hills -

This Unique Mentoring Programme Is For:


You have an idea for a product, but you don't know where to start!


You’ve launched your product, but you’re making it all inhouse.

Ready to Grow

You're ready to take your brand to the
next level.


You're manufacturing overseas but want to make in the UK.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar to You?

You're juggling every aspect of your business including making the product yourself. It's time-consuming and you're not making any money!

You've got tons of stock but you still don't have the products that customers want.

You've had products made overseas but the quality is poor and the lead-times are long.

You're struggling to find a manufacturer that can do small quantities for an affordable price.

You want to start a brand that is made in the UK but you don't think you've got the funds to get it off the ground.

You know you need to do more marketing to make more sales but you don't know what to say!

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place. Keep reading...

I Hear You!

I know you're super passionate about what you do and getting your products made in the UK.

You believe in making in the UK and you want to build a sustainable British brand that you're proud of.

But you're running around like a headless chicken. Bouncing from one idea to the next and still not making any money.

You wish that someone would give you a roadmap. With directions on what to next to grow a thriving UK-made business.

Imagine What it Would Feel Like If…

Kate hills helps your get your products made in the UK

You had a roadmap of what you needed to do and how to build the UK-made brand you feel so passionate about.

You could create sustainable products that your customers love and that fly off the shelves.

You finally reach a point where you're making a decent profit on your products and you're able to pay yourself properly.

You had reliable manufacturing partners that could bring your vision to life so you can get your products made in the UK.

It's all totally possible!

But You Are Probably Thinking...

I have a vision for where I want to get to but I'm juggling so many different things I don't know how I will ever get there!

Finding the right balance when you're making and selling products can be really tough. Managing your time and finances can be even harder! You just don't know what to do next.

How will I ever find a manufacturer in the UK that can make the products at a price where I can make money?

If you've been manufacturing the products overseas, with a local sample maker, or even making them yourself, you might think that you'll never get the numbers to add up.

Where do I even start? I'm trying to build a business in an industry I know nothing about!

There are lots of processes involved in producing a product. You're not sure you'll ever to grips with them all! You might even be thinking of hiring someone to manage it all for you, but you've seen their prices and it's eye-watering!

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

Kate Hills UK Manufacturers

Hello, I'm Kate

I’ve been passionate about UK manufacturing ever since I had my own recycled clothing company and micro-factory in the early '90s! After 20 years as a designer and buyer developing products all over the world, I launched Make it British to support creative business founders that want to make locally.

Over the last ten years, I've helped 1,000s of businesses to work with UK manufacturers. Now it's your turn!

Real People...Making in the UK!

See what some of our happy clients say about their experience of working with us...

Bombshell HQ | Getting products made in the UK

From overseas production with constant delivery issues...to local, flexible manufacturing partner with lead-times under a week.

"Without Kate I would not have found my amazing factory. I moved production of my dresses back to the UK four years ago and have never looked back.”

Posh Mucherz | Getting products made in the UK

An innovative product idea but no industry experience. Now working with UK manufacturers and the business is thriving because it's made locally.

“It has totally changed the way we think about manufacturing and most importantly our customers are actually buying from us because it's British-made”

Lacuna Child | Getting products made in the UK

Making the products themselves and working with local individuals meant they were struggling to keep up with demand. Working with a factory has proved to be cheaper and quicker than they ever dreamed possible.

"Kate has opened up channels in an instant. The relationship I’ve struck up with the manufacturing company she introduced me to is incredible. She has made my business come alive."

James Thursby | Getting products made in the UK

Working with a production consultant who outsourced overseas, causing delays and quality issues. Now connected directly to UK manufacturers with much more control over the brand's quality and production.

"A big win for me was finding a manufacturer. The other big win was learning how pricing strategies work in the industry.

I was a bit lost with James Thursby. I had a good idea in the beginning, then got messed around by people and kind of got stuck. Kate had a very good way of going 'this is what your brand's about, this is the direction you should go in'. And then from there it's actually managed to develop in a direction where it wasn't before."

British Brand Accelerator Testimonial - Jennifer
British Brand Accelerator Testimonial
British Brand Accelerator Testimonial
British Brand Accelerator | Get your products made in the UK
British Brand Accelerator | Get your products made in the UK
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Your life before British Brand Accelerator...

You've tried manufacturing abroad and it has nearly broken you

Communication issues, lost samples, long lead-times, poor quality, deliveries of products you can't sell. I've been there! Having spent over 25 years developing product all over the world I know how frustrating it can be to work with factories that are over the other side of the world.

You're overwhelmed with the product development process and don't know what to do next

You have a great idea for what you want to make but you don't know how to get to the next stage. With no industry experience you don't know who to trust or where to start. You don’t want to get it wrong and be left with something unsellable if you don’t find the right company to work with. And you can't afford to lose loads of money getting it wrong - so you end up doing nothing!

You're making everything yourself but you can't keep up

Your customers love what you do but in order to grow you know you can't continue like this. You find it so difficult staying on track with all areas of the business whilst also keeping up with making the orders. But you don't know if you will ever find a manufacturer that can make the product like you do.

You're struggling to reach an audience of people that appreciate your brand

You've got a website and you're posting regularly on social media but the sales aren't coming in as you'd hoped. You're wondering if you should drop your prices? You'd also like to find retailers that will buy from you but you just can't make the numbers add up!

Your life after British Brand Accelerator...

You have a loyal customer base and the sales are rolling in

You can sell your products for a price that is achievable and sustainable and your loyal customers appreciate your brand for what it's really worth. Getting in front of your target customers is easy because you know exactly who they are and where to find them.

You have a timeline and a process that makes product development a breeze

You're able to communicate easily with manufacturers, and you never receive unwanted surprises when your orders are delivered! You have the tools you need for every step of the product development process and your orders arrive when you expect them to.

You've got the perfect manufacturing partners

A local factory that understands your brand and is as passionate about getting it right as you are. Suppliers that are reliable. Who produce great quality products. At a price that works for both you and them.

There's never been a better time to make in the UK.

This programme is right for you if:

✅ You want tailored advice on the direction to take your business, within a community of other small business owners

✅ You are committed to making in the UK and want to know the best ways to work with UK manufacturers

✅ You can handle straight talking, no-nonsense feedback on ways to improve your product offering

✅ You’d like direct introductions to the right suppliers and industry contacts

✅ You want to save time and money by not developing products that don’t work or won’t sell


This programme is not right for you if:

❌ You are happy spending all day on Google looking for UK manufacturers that may or may not be right for your products

❌ You have a never-ending supply of cash to spend on developing products and buying stock

❌ You prefer to work under your own steam, no matter how long it takes you to get there

❌ You want to develop everything for the cheapest possible price, yet also call it ‘luxury’ and ‘sustainable’

❌ Your product is something that can't be made in the UK (Apply anyway if you are not sure if it fits this criteria and we will give you our honest opinion)

Apply Now!

Applications are used to see if your business is suitable for the programme.
After you submit the form we'll send you details of exactly what's included in the coaching, and the investment.

There's no obligation to join, and even if we're not a great fit, we'll give you advice on the next steps that are right for you!

PLUS: Instant Access to a Free Private Training

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Have any questions about your application? We're here to help.

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