Should the UK Government be buying British?

MP demands to know why Parliament aren’t serving on plates made in Stoke-on-Trent

Should UK Government be buying British?
When Stoke-on-Trent North MP Ruth Smeeth noticed plates in the Houses of Parliament that didn’t have the renowned Stoke-on-Trent backstamp she questioned WHAT the UK Government were actually buying that was made in Britain.

Ms Smeeth requested figures from the House of Commons to find out what percentage of their crockery was UK made, and was appalled to find out that it was less than half. She was understandably aggrieved – Stoke-on-Trent still has some amazing pottery companies that could have supplied the goods, including Steelite and Moorland Pottery.

She has now called for a Parliamentary debate on public procurement after Brexit, to try and ensure that the Government commits to buying British.

At the moment EU ruling says that a country can’t favour it’s own products when buying goods and services. Hopefully with Brexit that will change

I was interviewed by Perry Spiller on BBC Radio Stoke to give my thoughts on the matter.

You can hear the interview below:

6 thoughts on “Should the UK Government be buying British?”

  1. The rules apply for European parliaments too.
    So how many Spanish items are in the Madrid Parliament ? its not 100% Spanish as it has to come from anywhere in the EU and not only Spanish. How much is British already ? I suggest you find their % ?
    So how many Italian items are in the Italian Parliament ? its not 100% Italian as it has to come from anywhere in the EU and not only Spanish. How much is British already ? I suggest you find their % ?
    Ask the same question across the other 27 countries .

    Then after Brexit we are free to impose the rules that we can only buy British products.
    Incidentally then the 27 are free to exclude UK products in government procurements.

    1. Interesting comments, but the fact is that we import about £80,000,000 more than we export every year and most of it is from China, India and other non EU countries.
      We have to educate our nation that buying British is good for our country our economy and pays for the free services that we all take for granted.

  2. Undoubtedly the Government should be buying British, it’s common sense – a commodity in short supply nowadays. If the British Government, the Police, Ambulance etc. etc bought British it would both showcase what we make and be a practical vote of confidence in our own country. I have been advocating Buying British since the 1970’s and have never regretted it, but have seen a steady decline in what we make because people seem obsessed with buying foreign goods. This needs to change, Brexit or not other European countries seem to make a point of their governments buying their own products – why do our Police favour BMW’s over Land Rover/Range Rover and Jaguar????

    1. It’s a shame that the UK government sold or allowed the sale of so many of our manufacturing companies to overseas buyers, then imposed a minimum wage and did nothing to protect the jobs of our workers against imports from countries using cheap labour. I don’t think the government understands anything outside banking, insurance and accountancy.
      We all need to start looking at the labels on the things we buy, I am appalled how infrequently I see “Made in England”

  3. The real problem that we have is the lack of the British government and people’s will to support our own industries. In Korea everyone buys Korean, the same applies to most Asian countries, particularly Japan. That’s how they took over most of the electronic and motor industries years ago. Unfortunately it seems that in this country we think of ourselves first with no regard to other people working in British industry (I’m alright Jack). For example, in East Yorkshire where I live we have a large pig farming industry. Pig farmers were demonstrating a few years ago, advocating that we all buy British pork (I wholeheartedly agree), but then they drive home in their Mitsubishi Shoguns!
    I’ve have had many discussions “in the pub” over the years about people buying foreign cars etc and it’s so frustrating when someone says it’s impossible to buy a British car nowadays. Yes that’s true today, but I didn’t just dream up this argument in bed last night, I was making the point back in the 70’s when we did have a flourishing British (owned) car industry.

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