One in two Brits now believe that buying British is better!

Latest Mintel research shows that horse meat scandal has changed consumer perceptions about buying British

Buying British
The NFU has been promoting Buying British since the horse meat scandal

In an exclusive report looking at the provenance of food and drink, Mintel find that buying British is rising in importance among the nation’s shoppers following the horse meat scandal in January this year.
The results speak for themselves:-

  • 49% of Brits now believe that British food is better quality – an increase from 40% in 2012
  • Buying British is the MOST important issue to 34% of consumers
  • A third of the nation say that they are willing to pay more for products with a Made in Britain label
  • One in five say that food and drink being of local origin is significant to them
  • Traceability is of consequence to double those that it was before the horsemeat scandal
  • 74% of consumers feel that it is the duty of retailers to support British producers

Concern was raised by 68% of the Mintel respondents that it was hard to know when something was really British, due to unclear labelling. This is the reason that Make it British is calling for the government to introduce a standardised made in Britain logo to help make it easier for consumers wanting to buy British.

If you haven’t already signed the e-petition then please do so – it only takes a couple of minutes – go to this page on the HM Government website.

2 thoughts on “One in two Brits now believe that buying British is better!”

  1. Real British goods are much sort after by people here in Germany , Germans take a pride in their goods and quality and I can see why .Likewise I am a staunch activist for good British produce . It really is time Britainn sold itself .Look at the vast range of amazing British cheeses .Not exported .Why ? Superb confectionary also. The list is endless.Let’s refuse to keep buying imported shoddy products .They are not cheap since their lack of quality = short span of usability ….

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