Member News: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing celebrates 10 years of UK manufacture

Paul Brown Wolf in Sheep's Clothing UK clothing brand

Luxury clothing company Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing commemorates a decade of British made excellence

This month Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Paul Brown reached a special milestone as it celebrates a decade of manufacturing their luxury clothing in Brandon, Suffolk.

The company was founded over ten years ago when Paul Brown was at university studying Economics. Unhappy with the lack of quality shirts available, he enrolled on a three week intensive course at the London College of Fashion where he learnt how to make his first men’s shirts.

After graduating, Paul decided to turn his passion for clothing into a business. He launched his first capsule collection from his parent’s garage in 2011. As demand increased, he re-located from his parent’s garage to a unit in Brandon just off the high street.

Aside from the daunting task of setting up a manufacturing operation, Paul also had to overcome many early challenges. This included finding local tailors and seamstresses to make his tailored shirts.

If you manufacture in London or the midlands there are already a number of local factories that employ tailors and seamstresses so there is already a pool of people you can employ. However in Suffolk we don’t have that history and industry so it was very hard to find people who could come in make the shirts to the standard required.

Paul Brown, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, UK-made trousers
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing offers a ‘Create your own Chinos’ service in 10 different colours

Eventually Paul took the bold step of setting up his own training program to overcome the labour shortage. This enabled him to focus on expanding the product range. Whilst the company initially just made ladies and men’s tailored shirts. It now designs and manufactures a wide range of garments, including trousers, boxer shorts and fully featured trench coats.

It has been a humbling experience when you think where the business started and where it is today.

I didn’t think we would ever get this far.
The thought that we have now sold our clothing to over 40 different countries around the world is a truly amazing achievement.

Paul Brown, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

As part of the celebration, Paul was interviewed by racing broadcaster Derek Thompson at the Jockey Clubs Rooms in Newmarket. You can watch the interview for yourself here:

Paul puts his success down to the classic and timeless designs he creates. As well as a passion for using quality materials and traditional tailoring. For him it has always about finding a niche in what is a huge and competitive market.

I am proud that we manufacture locally and have never targeted the fast fashion, throw away culture. Fast fashion is a large scale polluter. With a staggering 10,000 items of clothing being sent to a landfill site every five minutes.

By contrast Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing bucks this trend by making quality garments designed for longevity. Almost the entire collection being cotton based and made to order avoids unwanted stock issues. Testament to this is the fact that there are customers still wearing the first shirt collection from ten years ago.

Paul Brown, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, UK-made coats and menswear

With greater interest now being shown in British made products, the company is well placed to grow in the marketplace. Congratulations to Paul for this reaching this milestone and hope to see Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing thriving into the next decade.

Find out more about Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing here.

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