Member News: Bealies Adaptive Wear officially launch their first product

Bealies Adaptive Wear Joggers

At the forefront of the UK’s adaptive wear market, Bealies has launched their first collection of joggers designed especially for wheelchair users.

For Caron Mcluckie and her son Emilie, their lives changed forever on one Saturday afternoon in January 2016. Following a spinal cord stroke that left him paralysed from the chest down, Emile would have to adapt to life in a wheelchair.

It soon became clear that clothes no longer fitted properly whilst sitting in the wheelchair. More importantly, the comfortable joggers that Emile liked to wear, did not provide easy accessibility.

Looking for suitable clothing for her son, Caron only found options in the US where mainstream stores have their own adaptive lines. Despite wheelchair users making up 1.2 million and disabled people 13.9 million of the UK’s population*, the UK high street still doesn’t meet demand.

*Family resources survey 2016/17

This lead Caron to pursue the idea to create clothing that would not only benefit her son, but also other wheelchair users. Bealies Adaptive Wear was born.

Gathering her own research, she approached The Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. The Institute was already working with The Stroke Association looking into the difficulties stroke survivors face when trying to find suitable clothes when they return to work.

Two students at the university were invested in Caron’s idea to develop her adaptive clothing. They worked together to produce the first prototype which was not only fashionable but also functional.

Bealies Adaptive Wear

Caron worked with a small test group of those with similar disabilities with her first prototype. This research proved invaluable as she learned that one design didn’t fit all.

Having a passion for UK manufacturing, Caron always knew she wanted to make Bealies Adaptive Wear in the UK. She began working with Leicester factories to produce unique soft cotton jersey joggers.

As a result, Caron is now proud to launch her first product via Bealies Adaptive Wear online shop. Designed for wheelchair users to offer comfort and coverage while sitting. These jogging pants are available in navy, grey, or black. They come in seven waist sizes and three leg lengths. 

Bealies Adaptive Wear Joggers UK-made

Caron has been crowdfunding to raise money to fund the first run of Bealies Adaptive Wear joggers. If you would like to support Caron’s journey to help her develop her collection further, you can still donate here.

Find out more about Bealies Adaptive Wear and their first product here.

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