Mary Portas to Champion UK Manufacturing

Mary Portas: Saviour of UK manufacturing?
Mary Portas: Saviour of UK manufacturing?

Will Mary Portas be portrayed as the saviour of UK Manufacturing?

I read today that Mary Portas is to open a clothing factory in  Greater Manchester, that will be featured in a new TV series entitled Mary’s Sweatshop.
Channel 4 have invested in the disused factory, Warwick Mill in Middleton, with a view to teaching new workers manufacturing skills and then selling the products to high street multiples.
Does this fill you with the same amount of dread that it does me?
Yes I know that Mary has probably got all of the right intentions, especially as the factory is to be staffed with locals struggling to find work, but I do worry that she is jumping on a band wagon and it may do more harm than good for our manufacturing industry in the long run.

Mary’s Sweatshop – Does this name really send out the right signals?

The fact that Endomol (who brought the world Big Brother) are involved, rings alarm bells for a start. With a name like ‘Mary’s Sweatshop’ is it really going to portray the sort of image that will encourage a new generation to work in a clothing factory?

Made in Britain should be about what we do best – quality

I think that we should concentrate on what our strengths are in Britain – making great quality products for the middle to top end of the market – not churning out high volume to high street retailers in a sweat shop and sticking it on reality TV.

What do you think?

Photo: The Grocer