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Made by Britain McCain Smiles
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Made by Britain is a project run by the Associated Parliamentary Manufacturing Group intending to prove that great products are still made in Britain. 650 MP’s have been asked to find a product that is manufactured in their constituency today in order to draw up a comprehensive picture of a contemporary British manufacturing industry.

So what is still made by Britain? Nominations so far include such design classics as Vitsoe Shelving (Holborn & St Pancras constituency), the Aga Rangemaster (Telford) and the technology used in the Rolls Royce Trent 900 aircraft engine (Sheffield Central).

So far, so good. But is the best that the MP of South Staffs could come up with really McCain Smiles? Maybe the MP who nominated them, along with those that chose the Custard Cream, the Fish Finger and Laddies ice cream, were feeling nostalgic for school dinners?

At the time of writing not all of the MP’s had submitted their nominations, and it is also unclear as to what criteria the selections were based on, so it may be a little unfair to judge them just yet.

I look forward to seeing what else the Made by Britain project has to offer as the campaign progresses, and wonder what Make it British’s readers might put forward as their locally manufactured product of choice? Please add your comments below, or Tweet us @makeitbritish

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