Katie Walker collaborates with Elvis & Kresse on “Beam Bench”

Katie Walker Beam Bench Elvis & Kresse

Make it British member Katie Walker combines fine art and sculpture with practical furniture design, the results of which have now become highly collectable. She established Katie Walker Furniture in 1994. Today, Katie creates pieces for domestic, corporate and public settings and has received a number of notable awards and commissions including the high chair for HRH Prince George which was presented to HRH the Duchess of Cambridge by Katie and the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers in 2013.

Katie Walker has recently revisited her award winning Beam Bench through a collaboration with innovative sustainable luxury brand Elvis & Kresse. The bench, originally conceived as gallery seating, has been scaled for a more domestic setting and is now available with a beautiful new cover made from Elvis & Kresse’s rescued leather.

Elvis & Kresse’s modular leather system was designed to deal with the production waste from luxury leather goods. At least 800,000 tonnes of leather waste is produce globally and the modular system uses three shapes to lock together leather fragments into components that can be woven together into a whole new kind of hide unrestricted by size or shape. 50% of the profits from this system are donated to Barefoot College in the form of scholarships to train women as solar engineers, simultaneously helping to empower women and generate renewable power.

Beam Bench is available in walnut or ash. The covers are available in black, caramel or shiraz. It can be purchased through Katie Walker Furniture and their collaborators, Elvis & Kresse and Matthew Burt Furniture as well as the New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury – the gallery that represents Katie Walker.

“I’ve been looking for the right cover for the Beam Bench for years” said Katie Walker, “and have tried all sorts of fabrics and leather solutions, often specified by our clients. The rescued modular leather has exceeded our environmental goals whilst adding to the bench’s beauty – Elvis & Kresse have helped produce something that finally matches my aspirations for this design.”

Kresse Wesling said “We are so excited to feature our leather system on Katie Walker’s Beam Bench – it is a fantastic way to combine Katie’s incredible craftsmanship and design with Elvis & Kresse’s modular leather.”

You can find out more about Katie Walker Furniture here.

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