How to become an independent jewellery maker, with Isabella Day

Have you considered making the leap to a more creative career? Isabella Day shares the story of how she started her jewellery business – I hope it inspires you!

Many of us dream about leaving corporate careers to make our living doing something more hands-on and creative. But, where do you start? Is it even possible?

We spoke to Isabella Day, an artist-goldsmith who made the switch, 9 years ago, from a London based media career to being an independent jeweller based in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter.

In this video Isabella shares her story with us – why she changed her career path;  where she got her business training as well as goldsmith training; and the costs and practicalities involved in starting up a jewellery business.

I wanted to do something that fills me with joy everyday” – Isabella Day

Isabella is now running a successful independent business which she loves.

She is constantly learning and growing her business, taking on staff and investing in equipment to complete more processes in-house.

Isabella designs bespoke pieces and collections in precious metals and stones, alongside offering experience days and classes in jewellery making. Her products are designed and made in her studio, from making her own alloys to the final product.

Watch the video to share Isabella’s knowledge on…

> Gaining practical skills as well as design skills

> The equipment needed

> Start-up costs

> Revenue streams

> Training and apprenticeships

You can find out more about Isabella Day’s business here.

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2 thoughts on “How to become an independent jewellery maker, with Isabella Day”

  1. How wonderful is this video. Super enthusiastic about her work and encourages and helps others to follow their own path into the industry. I am currently looking into starting a career in jewellery making and am just doing some research at present and Isabella has really inspired me to continue. Thank you!

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